Innovation award 2022
For Compaction Prevention System (CPS)
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Switch between data sources

Observe compaction risk and be able to analyse soil moisture and clay content with a touch of a button.

Soil moisture data
Compaction risk
Clay content data

The building blocks to monitor soil compaction risk

Your work is going to fill at large part of your life, and you are the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.

Soil moisture data from satellites

Planet to provide us with soil moisture data from space.

Vehicle weight & tire combinations

The system need information about how much the vehicle weights. The user enters the total weight of the tractor, harvester or other vehicle used.

Clay content

The more clay in the soil , the more compaction risk is there. We have clay-maps for all over the world.

Monitor the compaction risk is easy, and seamless.

After many years of research, we are now ready to welcome the first users of CPS.

Attachment information

How is the attachment mounted to the tractor is important from a weight distribution point of view. Also the weight of the attachment is important

Field status

A plowed field is more sensible towards compaction than a field with stubble. This is why we need information about the field status.

Developed by farmers, researchers, agronomy advisors and put together by brilliant engineers

It's a testament to the power of teamwork in advancing agriculture technology. The team took the product from research to development.

“Soil compaction is a serious problem in modern agriculture, not only because it decreases yields but also because it damages soil health in the long run and because it can lead to emissions of nitrous oxide”.

Per Frankelius

Per Frankelius (PhD, Associate Professor, Linköping University)

"The Compaction prevention system offers real-time and long-term farm decision support, helping drivers make informed choices like field entry, equipment selection, tire configuration, and load management to minimize soil compaction risk."

Axel Lagerfelt

MSc AE, Farmer, Tolefors Gård

Insights & Perspectives

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Product launch at Agritechnica 2023
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Product launch at Agritechnica 2023
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Start monitor the compaction risk

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